Teeth Whitening
Teeth Whitening (or bleaching) is a simple, non-invasive dental treatment used to change the color of natural tooth enamel and is an ideal way to create a sparkling white smile. Since tooth whitening only works on natural tooth enamel, it is important to evaluate replacement of any fillings or crowns you currently have. Whitening is not permanent and a touch-up may be needed every several years. Drinking coffee, tea, wine, and smoking are swift ways of reversing the whitening process.

ZOOM ! Professional Teeth Whitening System

In-office bleaching provides the quickest and most effective way to whiten teeth. With in-office bleaching, the whitening product is applied directly to the teeth. These products can be used in combination with a special light. The light accelerates the whitening process. Results are seen in only one, 45-minute treatment. Zoom, Chair-side Whitening is ideal for anyone looking for immediate results. The convenience of Zoom in comparison to days of wearing trays or strips, makes it the perfect choice for the busy individual.

Who may benefit from Zoom tooth whitening?

If you are interested in having a beautiful, whiter smile, just mention it to us at any appointment.